What is coaching?!

Coaching is one of the most effective and supportive tools we have yet it is under used and often under valued!


It is designed to challenge but support, empower and help a person or team reach an objective, for example be more confident in certain situations, manage a relationship more effectively, have the impact and make the impression they want, manage projects proactively and difficult people assertively, or just be in a better place emotionally.

It can help someone look after their mental health wellbeing, we are all going through life changes in these uncertain times, you may be considering a career change, facing redundancy or wanting to improve their self-esteem and confidence.

Coaching is a positive intervention and process built on trust and respect, a professional relationship built up over time through confidential conversations and reflection.

Coaching is widely recognised for the support and value it brings and being an approved Cari® Wellbeing Champion and Coach gives me an understanding of powerful but simple ways you can positively and quickly change your brain chemistry to a place of safety and confidence through easy physical changes and techniques. These can be both fun and uplifting and together we will choose the ones you feel help you the most whilst discussing how you feel and moving you to where you want to be.

As an approved coach, and a recognised tutor for the last 15 years for the ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) for qualifications in leadership skills and coaching I have a range of experience, knowledge and skills to help both individuals and teams. 

People at all levels can face challenges in the workplace, whether your circumstances have changed, you have been promoted or or your role has changed, or you are managing several situations at once, we all need someone to talk to confidentially and seek advice and support. Or perhaps you are in a senior role making tough decisions and need someone to challenge your thinking and help you identify the right course of action.

Maybe you are stuck and don’t know what to do with yourself? Maybe you have tried several ways of dealing with a situation and it’s just not working? Perhaps you want to be more assertive or confident or maybe you are supporting, managing and guiding others but have no-one to do the same for you?

Someone with the experience of having been there or coached others around them is invaluable.

Coaching will enable you to achieve your goals and move forward to a positive, confident place ready with a range of knowledge and techniques to use in a variety of situations. Coaching promotes change, empowerment and progression in an objective, safe environment.

Our sessions are for you. You choose the number of sessions and the topic and we will agree techniques, actions and tools for you to use immediately.

My role as a coach is always to come to my client meetings with an open mind, ready to give them 100% of my attention and experience and listen to both what they say and what they don’t say. Our relationship can only work if we know we trust each other and always have your needs at the centre of all we say.

We agree the objective for the sessions and this may take two or even six meetings but we will work together to explore options, behaviours and actions to build confidence and equip you with a toolbox of techniques and skills to use immediately.

I am a down-to-earth, kind, honest, respectful and encouraging supporter and coach with a wealth of experience and knowledge ready to share with you.

What are you waiting for? I'd be delighted to hear from you!

Coaching meetings will be via Zoom or telephone during this Pandemic unless we agree face to face for individual circumstances.

For more details about Cari® and how it can help you visit https://www.cariwellbeing.co.uk