We are a group of professional business consultants, qualified trainers and coaches with practical knowledge, skills and experience with all levels of management and staff.


Whilst we are confident in our technical expertise we also consider our practical experience as managers just as important and relevant when working with our clients. We understand and respect the pressures and deadlines that staff are faced with and the feeling of 'I can't cope' or 'no-one seems to understand or care'. Managing those situations needs a range of skills to achieve a positive and long-term outcome.


We help businesses and organisations to meet their objectives by engaging and developing their people. We work with CEOs, Senior Managers, First Line Managers and teams in both the public and private sector to clarify and understand where they are now and where they want to be so that we can provide a proposal of interventions to achieve measurable results.


The proposal may include any of the following: facilitation of strategic and planning meetings, training, workshops, online support, coaching, psychometric testing and individual profiles. The proposal will reflect the needs of the customer and their objectives.

Our Approach and the key benefits of working with us

We specialise in Leadership and Management training.Our skills and experience are in public and private sector and include identifying, developing and improving individual and team performance through training and coaching, integrating face to face and on-line support to achieve amazing results.

We believe that training should be tailored to the needs of the individuals and organisations that we work with. To underpin this we base the content and our approach on pre-agreed objectives that have been discussed and agreed between managers and their staff that can be measured and reviewed at a pre-determined date following our meetings. There is little point in someone attending training if they have no idea why they are there and what they are expected to gain and implement as a result!

We believe change comes from within and a change in people’s behaviours needs the right combination of care, direction, support and challenge. People change if they want to and our approach achieves this through a professional, experienced, positive and motivating process.



'A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.'    Harvey Mackay


We will help you with your plan.


We will provide coaching, guidance, support and challenge to ensure you achieve it.


And finally we will give you a bottle of champagne to celebrate your success!