At DS Training and Development, we believe that training and/or coaching are just some of the ways in which you can achieve business success.


We want to understand exactly what you want to achieve and why, so that we can suggest a focussed and specific course of action which will be tailored to meet your business needs; this may be training, coaching, one to one feedback and mentoring, online support and/or tutorials.


Training and development is available for staff at all levels, engaging people at each stage and building on the success and learning achieved.


Donna Shoesmith

 Donna Shoesmith is an accomplished Training and Management Consultant with a passion for developing people and businesses.


Her team reinforces this with a range of skills and expertise which challenges, guides and supports individuals and teams to success.


The team have all worked within businesses, we have made difficult decisions, managed performance issues, had sensitive conversations with staff and have planned work to achieve deadlines and objectives.


We therefore appreciate the challenges and demands and the importance of both recognising contributions and celebrating success.